Fulton County is where we live, work, and play. 

It's where our young people grow, develop, and learn to lead.


The caring parents and community adults who invest in our young people

make a difference in this place we call home. 

They tend to the seeds which will rise up to be our future.


Healthy Choices Caring Communities (HC3)

works to coordinate these efforts and

serves as a resource for

everyone supporting our youth,

as we rise up together.


As a community, we laugh, we inspire, we lead, we heal, we support,

    we encourage, we talk, we teach, we share.

HC3 believes we can do even better!


Join us as we stand beside each other, promising...  

to interact positively and intentionally with young people

to reach beyond our own families into the community, through our neighborhoods, our churches, our community groups, our schools, and our employers

  to invest financially in HC3 and support our efforts in raising healthy and happy young people.


Join us as we rise up!

Fulton county rising video