YAC Recruitment

The recruiting period is currently CLOSED for the 2020-21 YAC year.

Recruitment will re-open in April of 2021 for the following year.

The Youth Advisory Council recruits incoming Freshmen, Sophomore, and

Junior students who attend school in Fulton County.

For addition information please email us at HC3Partnership@gmail.com

YAC Recruit Videos

We asked the 2018-19 members to tell you what's so great about YAC...

See their videos below!

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  • If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please complete the application packet attached here.

    After this is completed, please return the application to us by June 30th:

    Mail to: Youth Advisory Council

                  Healthy Choices Caring Communities

                  606 S. Shoop Ave

    Or          Wauseon, OH 43567

    Email to: HC3Partnership@gmail.com