YAC Recruitment

The recruiting period is currently OPEN for the 2019-20 YAC mid-year recruitment.

Recruitment for the 2019-20 mid-year is from Nov 1, 2019 and Dec 20, 2019.

The Youth Advisory Council recruits Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior students.  

For addition information please email us at HC3Partnership@gmail.com


  • If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please complete the following documents in this application packet:

    • YAC Application form

    • Parental Consent and Medical Release form

    • Membership Agreement form, which includes your commitment to a substance-free lifestyle

    • Recommendation form

    After these are completed, please return the documents by Dec 20th:

    Mail to: Youth Advisory Council

                  Healthy Choices Caring Communities

                  606 S. Shoop Ave

    Or          Wauseon, OH 43567

    Email to: HC3Partnership@gmail.com

YAC Recruit Videos

We asked last year's members to tell you what's so great about YAC...

See their videos below!

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