I think my child is using

Know the signs to look for, and understand that when it comes to teen or young adult drug and alcohol use, it’s never too early to speak up.

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I know my child is using

If you’ve just discovered or have reason to believe your child is using drugs, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the steps ahead.

1-855-DRUGFREE is a toll-free, national Helpline. They help parents whose children are abusing drugs or alcohol take effective action to support their loved one.

Tools and resources to help you better understand what may be going on with your child, make a plan and learn skills to effectively address his or her substance use.

For information on talking to your kids about drugs.

Call 2-1-1 or visit the website to get connected to local services.

Click Addiction/Mental Health to see a listing of local resources for the treatment and support of addiction and mental health. 



Visit our Blog and join our online parenting forum called #ContinueTheConversation for parenting tips and great information on talking to kids.

Resources to help you start—and keep up—the conversation about the dangers of drinking alcohol at a young age.

Excellent website to support parents in talking with their kids about underage substance use. Includes scenarios and topics depending on the age of your child.

Great website to help parents learn about the substances facing their youth and how to support them through frequent conversations about substance use.

Helping Parents Prevent Youth Substance Abuse

Talk early. Talk often. Learn How.

For information on how to talk to your children of any age about substances.

Click Talk2Me to see listing of resources to support parents and adult community members.

Click Youth to see listing of resources to support youth.

Interested in reducing underage alcohol use?

Visit our Get Involved page and see how you can help!