Community Conversations

Let's Talk...

about raising substance free kids.

A Community Conversation for adults to learn and share ideas about raising substance-free kids.

HC3 partners with local schools and other interested organizations to coordinate these events; addressing topics that are important to the community we are working with.  

This event can take many different forms, depending upon the needs of the community.


A Professional Presentation - professionals in the requested field talk about selected topics.

A Community Panel - local professionals and members participate in a Q&A session with attendees.

A Law Enforcement Presentation - officials from the local community speak about "what they are seeing on the streets"

A Personal Story Presentation - local community members affected by substance abuse share their story

and how they were affected by this situation.

These events are customized specifically for each community based on their needs and interests.  

Many additional ideas and presentations could be incorporated during the planning stages of these events!

Email us at to schedule a planning session for your community.