Tobacco/Vaping Resources

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  • why should I quit?

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Help Others who are Ready to quit

Everyone has a role to play in helping tobacco users quit.  

Here are a few ways you can help.

  • Refer adults to the Ohio Quitline

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  • refer youth to My Life My Quit

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  • Refer Youth to

    This is Quitting

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  • Attend our

    AAR Training

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  • use our tobacco media toolkit

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Fulton County community members are working on changing some tobacco policies in our area, click here to learn more.

Building Health Equity

For the past year, Fayette’s Community Development Corporation has been collaborating with the Fulton County Health Department and Healthy Choices Caring Communities (HC3), to explore the intersection of health equity and tobacco use in our community. 

This workgroup, made up of residents representing different community sectors, have come together monthly, to learn more about health equity, build partnerships, assess data, and explore strategies. The group selected tobacco users with a lower income as those individuals who are most affected by their tobacco use. 

The workgroup has developed a Five Year Tobacco Health Equity Strategic Plan to help support the community as they work together to decrease youth starting to use tobacco, increase opportunities for both youth and adults to quit tobacco, as well as consideration of strengthening second hand smoke policies.  Fayette's Community Development Corporation, with support from the Fulton County Health Department will begin the implementation of this plan in September 2022.

Interested in learning more or want to comment on the strategic plan? 

Please reach out to Beth at or call the Fulton County Health Department at 419 337 0915.