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As an employer or business member you interact with many different young people each day. Here are a few ideas to consider when identifying youth you might impact:

  • youth who work for your business
  • youth who are regular customers of your business
  • consider intentionally recruiting youth as employees


After you identify the youth you interact with regularly, make a commitment to invest your time with them. Here are some examples on how to make that investment:

  • clearly communicate your expectations and hold them accountable
  • teach them a strong work ethic
  • provide opportunities for them to develop their leadership skills
  • offer them a stable, fun and safe work environment
  • ask them "How's life going?"
  • get to know what motivates them such as their passions and interests


Grow your relationship and develop a connection with identified youth. Intentionally have conversations with them about issues that impact their life. Here are some ideas to spark these conversations:

  • offer specific targeted training for their needs
  • coach them through business and/or personal decisions as they navigate to adulthood
  • model a contributing and responsible member of society, including demonstrating a good work ethic

Visit our Talking Tips page for more information.

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