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As a member of your church or religious organization you interact with many different young people each day. Here are a few ideas to consider when identifying youth you might impact: 

  • youth that do not normally attend your church
  • youth that only come for youth group and do not have a "church home"
  • youth that are having family issues at home
  • youth that are not involved in other activities outside of church


After you identify the youth you interact with regularly, make a commitment to invest your time with them. Here are some examples on how to make that investment:

  • volunteer as a youth leader or Sunday School teacher
  • ask a different individual youth each week to stay after youth group or church to learn more about their week
  • ask the youth about what they are seeing at school (substance use, bullying, etc.) and what they think is the best way to handle these situations
  • make time for prayer and praise every time you are teaching youth so that you learn about what is happening in their lives


Grow your relationship and develop a connection with identified youth. Intentionally have conversations with them about issues that impact their life. Here are some ideas to spark these conversations:

  • select issues that youth identify and share an example of how you have dealt with a similar issue in your own life
  • go beyond asking what you can pray about for them, and actually pray WITH them
  • follow up on games or activities they have been mentioning or excited about
  • don't judge... when asking for their opinion on issues, gently correct them or offer another view point for consideration (use scripture as a reference or base for this)

Visit our Talking Tips page for more information.

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