Who is Healthy Choices Caring Communities (HC3)?

A Fulton County coalition working to reduce underage

substance use, including alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and

opiates/prescription drugs.

Our Partners Include:

* Youth * Media * Parents * Schools * Government * Businesses * Law Enforcement *

Faith-based Organizations * Civic Organizations * Health Care Professionals * Youth Organizations * 

Substance Treatment Professionals

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HC3 meets monthly to stay updated on current underage substance use trends, to participate in educational opportunities, to review relevant data, to determine priorities, and to establish overarching goals for the coalition. 

There are four Task Force groups (Alcohol Task Force, Marijuana Task Force, Opiate Task Force, and Tobacco Task Force) which meet on a regular basis to assess, build capacity, plan, implement, and evaluate strategies for those specific substances utilizing evidence based programs and activities.

The Coalition is also supported by the Publicity Committee who works to share the work of the coalition and task forces. Additionally the coalition is fortunate to have many Coalition Champions, individuals or organizations, within the community, who do not attend meetings but work with the coalition on a specific strategy or event.

Alcohol Task Force

Underage alcohol use is the most common

substance use issue for Fulton County youth. 

According to the 2016 Community Health Status Report

  • 9% of youth, grades 9th – 12th would be defined as a “current drinker” meaning they have consumed alcohol within the past 30 days. 
  • Underage users reported they got the majority of their alcohol from someone who gave it to them. 
  • Of those who drink, youth report 30% of the time, a parent is the provider of the alcohol. We have seen a 4% increase in this rate between the 2014 and 2016

To address the alcohol issue, the Alcohol Task Force has focused on increased awareness of the issue by community adults and parents through Community Conversations. We have worked to build skills by strengthening parenting skills through our parenting series "Parents.. It’s YOUR Call." In partnership with Ohio Investigative Unit, we provide Seller-Server Training to ensure our retailers are aware of Ohio’s Liquor laws and conduct Compliance Checks to verify compliance with the law. The Alcohol Task Force, in conjunction with Marijuana Task Force, provide financial support for area parent groups providing a substance-free event following high school proms. We work with local law enforcement at the city, village, county and state level to host “party patrols” around high risk drinking times such as Thanksgiving Eve, prom and graduation season.

Marijuana Task Force

Seven percent of Fulton County youth (grades 9th – 12th) reported being current users of marijuana in the 2016 Community Health Status Report.

The Marijuana Task Force works in conjunction with the Alcohol Task Force to host Community Conversations to help parents and community adults understand the health and safety concerns of using marijuana and connection between marijuana use and additional drug use. Our parenting series, along with Community Conversation presentations, and the #Talk2Me campaign help to build parents' skills around talking with their youth about the dangers of substance use. The Task Force also provides many professional training and community presentations on drug paraphernalia and concealment items. 

Opiate Task Force

3% of Fulton County youth are current users of prescription drugs not prescribed to them. This increase to 5% for those youth age 17 and older. 30% of Fulton County youth, ages 12 -18 report availability of prescription drugs not prescribed to them. (Health Status Report, 2016) 

The Opiate Task Force is focusing on educating parents, community adults, and young people on the dangers of misuse of prescription and over the county medications and to decrease access to prescription medication. Education and skill building around these issues is provided through Community Conversations, Hidden in Plain Sight display, and school based programs such as DARE and Too Good for Drugs provided by community partners. The Opiate Task Force is working to reduce access to prescription opiates through our Drug Collection Boxes. In addition to the twice yearly DEA sponsored Drug Take Back Day, HC3’s law enforcement partners provide residents with 5 locations throughout the community which are available daily for disposal of unwanted medications. These boxes are promoted with a partnership with area surgeons and pharmacies.

Tobacco Task Force

The Task Force works to remain updated on current tobacco trends and provide professional, community, and student training on the health and safety concerns of using tobacco. In partnership with the Fulton County Health Department, we provide support to the STAMP program in area middle schools.

Publicity Committee

The HC3 Publicity Committee works with the Task Forces to develop a communication plan to ensure our messaging is targeted to the correct audience and helps to increase the impact of the coalition. They are the driving force behind our website as well as our social media outlets.

Celebrating 10 years!

HC3 is showing excellent long term results after 10 years in Fulton County!

Click here to see our 2017 annual report.

2017 Coalition Awards Presented

On Tuesday, June 13th, Healthy Choices Caring Communities (HC3) awarded both Wauseon Schools and Evergreen Schools, as 2016-17 Coalition Champion of the Year.   This award is given annually to a community partner who has “gone above and beyond” in supporting our countywide efforts in reducing underage substance use.


Wauseon School district and their administration has demonstrated outstanding support for our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) as well as offering a substantial amount of support for the Fulton County 2016 Health Assessment process.  We recognize that Wauseon School district administration and staff is committed to HC3’s mission, goals, and strategies and appreciate their hard work.


We would like to recognize Evergreen School district and its administration for their dedication to creating a tobacco-free campus. Their assistance and support with community events has helped to expand the reach of HC3 in that local area.  In addition the inclusion and collaboration between the Evergreen High School SADD group, and both HC3 and YAC has created a solid partnership that offers opportunity for additional growth within the community.


This year HC3 introduced a new award, Junior Coalition Champion of the Year, to honor a community youth member who has “gone above and beyond” in their support.  Rayne Kinsman, an Archbold 6th grader, was chosen for this unprecedented award for her leadership in promoting our Stomping Grounds event at the Fulton County Fair.  We recognize that her initiative and networking helped to expand our reach and greatly contributed to the overall success of this event.


The 2016-17 Coalition Member of the Year awards were also presented at the Healthy Choices Caring Communities monthly meeting.  The recipients of this award, Lori Knierim and Linda Wurns were recognized for their outstanding commitment to educating the community on the family perspective of addiction.  Linda and Lori are responsible for the development and expansion of the Strength in Numbers Support Group.  This group offers support to everyone affected by addiction in Fulton County.  For additional information, please visit Strength in Numbers Fulton County on Facebook, or email StrengthInNumbersFultonCounty@gmail.com.


The final awards presented by HC3 were the Youth Advisory Council Member of the Year awards.  This year’s award winners were Annemarie Thomas and Mary Miller.  Annemarie is a four-year YAC member who has served on the leadership board for two years and is currently the Chair of the group.  Annemarie was recognized for her willingness to take the lead both within YAC and at outside venues, including community events, local and state presentations.  Her drive to learn, implement and share all she can about youth led prevention is inspiring to see. 


Mary Miller, also a four-year YAC member, served on the leadership board this past year.  Mary was chosen for recognition due to her strength in engaging both YAC members and the external community during public events such as the Stomping Grounds at the Fulton County Fair.  She displayed outstanding collaborative leadership during the creation of the Talk2Me PSA video, which served as the YAC spring project. We commend her dedication and leadership in this project and throughout her YAC membership.


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Shown Below from left to right:  Jim Wyse, Superintendent - Evergreen Schools , Larry Brown, Superintendent - Wauseon Schools, 

Rayne Kinsman,  Lori Knierim, Linda Wurns, Annemarie Thomas, (not shown: Mary Miller)