Formal change in written procedures, by-laws, proclamations, rules or laws with written documentation and/or voting procedures

(e.g., workplace initiatives, law enforcement procedures and practices, public policy actions, systems change within government, communities and organizations). 

Why change policy?

When working to create change in a community, it is best to use evidence based practices.  In this case HC3 used the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and environmental strategies* in the work to reduce underage tobacco and vape product use.  

These Seven Strategies for Creating Effective Community Change* are shown on this pyramid chart.  Each strategy going down the pyramid is more effective than the previous, ending with Modifying/Changing Policies as the most effective for long term prevention.  

*Highlighted tools are available from CADCA’s National Coalition Institute.

Fulton County Community and

tobacco prevention policy

The Fulton County Health Department, HC3, and the Fulton County community are working to address tobacco prevention through policy.

Our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) has been working to evaluate how and where e-cigarettes and vape products are sold in Fulton County.  During this process they have identified that youth are using these products significantly more than adults.  As a result they are working on a Point of Sale (POS) Policy change to move e-cigarette and vape products to 21 and older establishments in the Wauseon community.  Follow the link below to see more information about this POS Policy.

The Fulton County community, Fulton County Health Department and HC3 are also working to strengthen Second Hand Smoke (SHS) policies in our local area.  Currently 3 of our 7 schools have updated their school policy to a 100% smoke free campus policy.  

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  • SHS Policy Change

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