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As an adult you interact with many different young people each day. Here are a few ideas to consider when identifying youth you might impact:

  • youth you interact with frequently
  • staff at local businesses (Examples: ice cream shops, restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters)
  • neighborhood youth


After you identify the youth you interact with regularly, make a commitment to invest your time with them. Here are some examples on how to make that investment:

  • attend local youth events (sporting events, theater, musical, academic competitions)
  • contribute to fundraisers or if unable to commit financially, ask the youth what the fundraiser is for, compliment them on their initiative, or commitment etc.


Grow your relationship and develop a connection with identified youth. Intentionally have conversations with them about issues that impact their life. Here are some ideas to spark these conversations:

  • ask about their day
  • compliment their actions (smiling, politeness, job duties)
  • thank them for their actions
  • ask about their interests, hobbies or life plans

Visit our Talking Tips page for more information.

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