Seller-Server Training

(also known as Alcohol server knowledge, ASK)

HC3 works with the Ohio Investigative Unit to provide accurate and up-to-date seller-server training at no cost for interested community members. Keeping the community safe with effective training on laws, best practices, legal consequences, and dangers associated with selling or serving alcohol to underage persons.

Online ASK course now available, click here.

The online training includes alcohol sales, false identification, identifying human trafficking, tobacco sales, food stamp fraud, trace-back investigations, labeling and refilling, among other topics. The participant must watch the videos and go through each topic before they can complete the course. The topics have scenarios and questions relating to the segments and a comprehensive exam at the end. 

Once the participant has successfully completed the course, they are presented with a certificate.

New in-person training dates will be coming soon to our Events page.

Email us at for more information.