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As a parent you interact with many different young people each day.  Here are a few ideas to consider when identifying youth you might impact:

  • youth spending time at your home
  • youth that attend your church or place of worship
  • youth that you interact with at local businesses (Examples: youth working as a store clerk or grocery packer)
  • friends or teammates of your children


After you identify the youth you interact with regularly, make a commitment to invest your time with them.  Here are some examples on how to make that investment:

  • be present (put your phone down)
  • ask them "How's life going?"
  • invite them to dinner with your family*
  • invite them to go out for ice cream*
  • get to know what motivates them such as their passions and interests
  • offer them a ride home from a game or practice*

*When transporting or inviting these youth, remember that parental permission is essential for everyone's safety.


Grow your relationship and develop a connection with these youth.  Intentionally have conversations with them about issues that impact their life. Here are some ideas to spark these conversations: 

  • ask specific questions such as "How do you feel about...?", "What do you think about...?", and "What ideas do you have...?"
  • show empathy for the issues they share with you
  • listen without interrupting (even when it's not something you want to hear)

Visit our Talking Tips page for more information.

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