what are the Health Effects of

Second and third hand smoke?

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Secondhand smoke is smoke from burning tobacco products, like cigarettes, as well as smoke that is exhaled, or breathed out, by the person smoking (this includes aerosol exhaled from e-cigarettes).

Second hand smoke is unhealthy for people and pets exposed to it even for a short time.  It is more invasive that most people realize.  

Smoke from one cigarette can stay in a room for hours and opening a window, running an air purifier, or fan does not protect others from second hand smoke.

Smoking in another room, an outside hall or stairwell doesn't prevent the smoke from entering through doors, windows, and through cracks and exposing the people or pets inside.

*Information obtained from the CDC website.

What is Third hand smoke?

Most people are aware of second hand smoke, but what is third hand smoke?  This is actually the residual nicotine and other chemicals that remain on clothing and surfaces even after the smoke clears. 

This can be transferred to non-smokers, especially young children and pets, through objects they touch or put in their mouths.  This includes, clothing, carpet, and toys.

This residue builds up over time and is very hard to remove.  

It can remain for months or years.

*Information obtained from the Cleveland Clinic and