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From October 1st through November 30th you have the opportunity to win a FREE gift card!

1.  Talk with the youth in your life

  about the dangers of substance use.

2.  Take a selfie with them and post it

on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

with the hashtag #WeTalked

(you may also use #PanthersTalk, #EaglesTalk, #IndiansTalk, etc.)

3.  You are now entered to win a gift card.*

*Winners will be chosen weekly and contacted through the social media site they posted their entry on. 

Participants pictures will be shared on HC3 social media sites and winners will be posted on those sites as well.  


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Kids whose parents talk about the

dangers of substance use are

50% less likely to use alcohol and drugs

than those who don’t.


#Talk2Me is a social norms campaign, developed in partnership with HC3, YAC and the Fulton County Prosecutor’s Office.

Fulton County parents have tremendous influence over their children

when it comes to decisions about substance use.

 63% of Fulton County youth report their PARENTS as the number one influence in making substance use choices.

Fulton County Community Health Status Report, 2016

Unfortunately, the majority of our youth also report that their parents have NOT

spoken with them on a regular basis about dangers of substance use.

The #Talk2Me campaign is designed to grab the attention of Middle School and High School parents with

a reminder to speak to your child about the dangers of substance use and USE YOUR IMPACT!

School Spirit T-shirts

HC3 and YAC collaborated with the Fulton County Prosecutor’s Office who will fund spirit shirts for all 6th/7th/8th graders in the county. The front of the shirts will reflect the school’s mascot and the back of the shirts will utilize the Talk2Me logo to engage parents to build skills through the many resources available on our HC3 website.

Yac wins top 10 spot for talk2me video

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) wanted to support parents in increasing conversations with their youth. They created a video PSA, entitled, Use your Impact…Talk2Me to help parents understand the influence they have as well as to build parental skills for increased conversations.

Click the image to the right to see the Use your Impact... Talk2Me video, or

click here to check out all the winners!