Strategic Planning Process

Every 2 years our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members choose a issue of focus (typically related to youth substance use) using the most recent Fulton County Health Status Report data.

Using the SPF (Strategic Plan Framework), the group completes activities to work through the planning process shown below.  Creating and implementing a group project aimed to positively influence their selected issue.


Define our problem of focus

  • Look at data - both quantitative and qualitative
  • Need to reach group consensus to encourage engagement of all YAC members
  • Look at intervening variables

Capacity Building

Who is at the table? What/who is missing?

  • Determine what data we were missing
  • Who do we need to engage?
  • Determine needed resources, including financial resources


What should we do?

  • Use data and evidence-based strategies to move our ideas into an action plan.

Data driven decisions

  • Data is considered during every step of the strategic process
  • Assessment - data is used to determine a target of focus
  • Building capacity - determined missing data and how to best obtain the needed data
  • Planning - determine how best to reach target audience
  • Implementation - tracking who we have reached through social media, theatre ad exposure, event attendance, and other means.
  • Evaluation - use data to determine how effective the campaign was; did we reach our goals?

Evidence-based strategies

1. Providing Information

2. Enhancing Skills

3. Providing Support 

4. Enhancing Access/Reducing Barriers 

5. Changing Consequences 

6. Changing Physical Design

7. Modifying/Changing/Developing Policies

To learn more about the Seven Strategies for Creating Effective Community Change, click here.


The Youth Advisory Council puts their plan into action!


Outcome Goals: 

YAC members then evaluate whether outcome goals were met.

Theory of Change

How will change occur?  

Example below based on Talk2Me Campaign:

  • IF YAC develops a media campaign, featuring a YAC created PSA, to encourage parents to send strong and clear messages against underage drinking THEN we expect to see an increase in youth perceptions of parental disapproval of underage drinking. 
  • IF we see an increase in youth perceptions of parental disapproval of underage drinking, THEN we expect to see a decrease in the number of Fulton County youth, grades 9 – 12, drinking alcohol. 

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