HC3 is partnering with the community to create an online parenting forum called, #ContinueTheConversation

We want to encourage parents to start the conversation with their kids, continue the conversation and network with other parents and community members to share and learn ideas about raising healthy and happy tweens and teens. 

We believe...

#ParentsMatter – Parents are the leading influence in substance abuse prevention. Lets talk about how parents matter, and what works for your family.

#CommunitiesTalk – Issues around underage substance is a community issue; We want to encourage community members to talk about the issue. We want to highlight how people are making this happen, as well as offer suggestions on other ways to increase communication within the community.

#KidsAreWorthIt – Our kids are worth the effort!

We would like to invite you to follow our blog and join this online parenting forum where you can learn and share ideas about raising healthy and happy kids. 

Questions? Please contact us: HC3Partnership@gmail.com.