WHAT IS the NWO Network

Many young people want to improve the communities and schools in which they live and learn, but they don’t know where to begin. 

NWO Network offers the support you need as an adult working with youth (or Adult Ally) to actively engage and empower youth to impact these community issues.

The NWO Network team works together to learn skills, ideas and proven techniques to use with your youth-led groups!  

Email us at HC3Partnersip@gmail.com for information on joining our next meeting.


Adult Allies are basically any adults that are working with youth through the youth-led prevention process.  Empowering young people to address pressing issues within their communities through youth-led prevention (YLP) programs. 

Click here to read more about Adult Allies from OhioAdultAllies.com

what is a youth-led prevention program?

Youth-led prevention (YLP) is a community‐based process in which young people determine a problem of practice, identify the root causes of the problem, and select and implement evidence‐based strategies to address those root causes.  YLP programs are distinct because they develop young people’s knowledge, skills and attitudes to be catalysts for positive change within their communities. 

Visit www.ohioadultallies.com/whywedoit to learn more about the value of youth led prevention programs.

Examples of a youth-led prevention program would be the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) and Beyond Our Selves and School (BOSS) here in Fulton County and the Ohio Youth Led Prevention Network (OYLPN).

what is the goal of YLP in Ohio?

The goal of YLP in Ohio is for young people to collectively engage in a planning process to create and implement a strategic plan that uses evidence‐based strategies to create community‐level change.  At the core of YLP in Ohio, youth participate in collective activities and experiences that are intended to spark their interest and enhance their ability to address local issues. In short, YLP programs empower young people to create community change.  


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  • Intro to the youth empowerment conceptual framework (YECF)

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  • Understanding youth empowerment

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  • OYLPN's youth council Strategic Plan

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  • Adult leader training and technical assistance

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  • Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF)

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  • a guide to the spf

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  • Adult Ally Toolkit

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frequently asked questions

Do i need to come to every adult meeting?

You do NOT need to attend every meeting.  While we would love to see you every time we hold a meeting, we understand that you have many obligations.  We offer several meeting dates and encourage you to attend whenever you are able.  

Visit our Events page to see any upcoming meeting dates.

how can i justify missing work for this program?

Participation in the NWO Network will build and strengthen your skills in working with young people through interactive, easily reproduced activities.  You will leave with lots of fun and effective ways to engage young people.  You will increase your understanding of strategic planning and evidence-based strategies.  You will receive Continuing Education hours for attending and there is NO COST to attend this program!

Prevention Action Alliance, with grants supported by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, provided the funding for this collaborative.