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addiction treatment services

Healthy Choices Caring Communities has created a list of several Addiction Treatment Services in this area below for your reference. Please note that we recommend you research the facilities and services offered before you select one.

Click here for an excellent article on how to choose a rehab facility.  

Click here to see a list of questions you might want to ask treatment facilities.

The National Hotline for 1:1 support is also available here.

Local Treatment Services

A Renewed Mind- Server (Transportation available)

Alcohol/Drug Treatment & Mental Health, Suboxone Therapy, Vivitrol

1832 Adams Off Warren 2nd Floor Toledo, OH

419-720-9247 Christina or Danni Stinson

Intake- M-F 10-4, call to schedule outside of that time.

Medicaid, Private insurance and indigent (based on funding)

IOP- Male M/W 10-1, F 10-12

IOP- Female M/T 10-1, R 10-12

*Daytime IOP

Arrowhead Behavioral Health – Do not need to send, they do their own assessment.

Inpatient, IOP, NIOP, MH, Partial Hospitalization, Suboxone Therapy

1725 Timber Lane Rd. Maumee, OH

419-891-9333 call and schedule

Medicare and Private Insurance

Lutheran Social Services – Fax assessment 419-243-4450

IOP, NIOP, Suboxone, Counseling

2149 Collingwood, Toledo, OH

419-243-9178 Call to schedule


UTMC Detox

Suboxone assisted or unassisted detox available

Linkage to Outpatient services before release

Can leave at any time, but will be responsible for billing

Monique Smith- 419-383-6314

Admitting- 419-383-2337

No Walk-In, must call ahead

10 Bed Unit

The Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services helps you find the assistance you need by maintaining a list of provider agencies throughout the state. This website allows you to click on your county and view contact and service information for addiction providers near you.