# TALK2ME - Strategic Planning Process

Every year our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members choose a target substance using the most recent Fulton County Health Status Report data, and create a project to address that issue. This year, the group had an opportunity through the OYLPN to receive additional training on the development and use of Strategic Plan Map. Using the SPF (Strategic Plan Framework), the group completed activities to work through the process.


Defined our problem of focus

  • Looked at data - both quantitative and qualitative
  • Needed to reach group consensus to encourage engagement of all YAC members
  • Looked at intervening variables

Capacity Building

Who is at the table? What/who is missing?

  • Determined what data we were missing
  • Needed to engage school administration to allow school-based survey
  • Determined needed financial resources


What should we do?

  • Used data and evidence-based strategies to move our ideas into action. 
  • YAC members applied and received for additional grant funding, through the Ohio Youth Led Prevention Network to support the showing of their video display in our local Skye Cinema theatre.

Theory of Change

How will change occur?

  • IF YAC develops a media campaign, featuring a YAC created PSA, to encourage parents to send strong and clear messages against underage drinking THEN we expect to see an increase in youth perceptions of parental disapproval of underage drinking. 
  • IF we see an increase in youth perceptions of parental disapproval of underage drinking, THEN we expect to see a decrease in the number of Fulton County youth, grades 9 – 12, drinking alcohol. 

Data driven decisions

  • Data was considered during every step of the strategic process
  • Assessment - used data to determine target substance
  • Building capacity - determined missing data and how to best obtain the needed data
  • Planning - determine how best to reach target audience
  • Implementation - tracking who we have reached through social media, theatre ad exposure
  • Evaluation - will use data to determine how effective the campaign was; did we reach our goals?

Evidence-based strategies

  • Youth who have regular conversations with adults about dangers of substance use are 50% less likely to use
  • Fulton County data, gathered during YAC school-based survey, showed that youth cared what parents thought about their decisions on substance use. 
  • 63% of 6th- 12th graders in Fulton County, reported parents as number one influence for decisions about substance use. 
  • Only 77% of parents have EVER spoken with their youth about the dangers of substance use


The Youth Advisory Council developed a story line and script for their video. During the YAC overnight retreat, YAC members created props and filmed the video PSA.  Click here to view this video.

Build Skills:

YAC’s media campaign will help parents learn how to have increased conversations with youth about the dangers of using substances. Linking parents to KNOW parenting tips as well as Start Talking resources will also help to build parenting skills.

Provide Support:

YAC’s media campaign will encourage the networking of parents through HC3’s blog/community events and the Parent Resources listed on this website. 

Enhance Access/Reduce Barriers:

YAC’s media campaign will increase knowledge of the SPEAKOUT tip line for youth/adults to report underage drinking. A partnership with Fulton County Prosecutor's Office will provide school spirit shirts to all sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in the county with the back of the shirts, highlighting the Talk2Me Campaign, along with our coalition website to access the parental support information.


Outcome Goals: 

  • 8% increase in Fulton County youth, grades 9th – 12th who report perceived parental disapproval of having one or two drinks of alcohol nearly every day as reported on the 2018 Fulton County Health Status Report) 
  • 2% decrease in the number of Fulton County youth, 9th – 12th grade, using alcohol within the past 30 days as reported on the 2022 Fulton County Health Status Report) 

YAC members will evaluate whether outcome goals were met.

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